The Best Coats & Jackets For Winter

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to start thinking about outerwear. Gone are the days of light summer jackets – maybe you’ve even started wearing heavier coats.

I read an interview with Coco Rocha where she said that winter coats are one of the most important items in your closet. They’re also one of the most overlooked items that are worth stocking up on. And it’s true – if you live anywhere with proper seasons, you’ll be wearing coats anywhere from 4-6 months of the year. It’s nice to have a variety so you’re not stuck wearing the same coat all winter long.

Winter coats can be expensive, but you can always find affordable options on Aliexpress. I’ve found the best coats & jackets for winter below, so why not get a couple to make your winter wardrobe more interesting?

Classic Wool Coat


$36.98 – 38.98

Classic, elegant, and timeless. This type of coat looks great thrown over anything.

Available in 5 colours.

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More casual and sporty, but still super cozy (just look at that fuzzy lining). Looks great with jeans or in contrast with a dress and tights.

Available in 9 colours.

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Puffer Coat


$23.99 – 25.99

Because sometimes you just really want to stay cozy.

Available in 5 colours.

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Shearling Coat



Basically the winterized version of a biker jacket. Plus they’re super warm (full lining FTW)!

Also available in white.

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Faux Fur Coat



For when you want to look fabulous without freezing.

Available in 4 colours.

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Teddy Coat



Like a tone-downed version of a faux fur coat – for those who want the fuzziness without the flash. I’m patiently waiting for mine!

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Statement Coat



For those who want to stand out in a sea of grey and black coats.

Also available in 4 solid colours.

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Duster Coat



Take your coat game to the next level (or length) with this dramatic style.

Available in 4 colours.

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Fur Trim Coat


$59.76 – 70.59

Because sometimes you just want a bit of fur.

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