Pastel Blue Backpack – REVIEW

Here’s my first video review of this pastel blue backpack! I’m going to try to do only video reviews from now on because I think you can see the products better on video, and also it’s easier to show you all the details and features. I’ll still show some pictures (see below) to give styling ideas, but the main review will be in video form.

It’s a great little backpack that’s true to the picture and is convenient for everyday wear, as long as you don’t have too much stuff to carry. It’s more like an alternative to carrying a handbag than a big backpack you’d need for school. You can definitely fit essentials and small items like a wallet, phone, water bottle, makeup, etc. It has a couple of pockets on the inside and one outer one too. See video for full details.

Hoping you enjoy!

PS. The jacket I’m wearing in the video is also from Aliexpress 🙂

Backpack link:

Jacket link:

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pastel blue backpack