Minimalist Jewelry: Part 2

A few weeks ago I shared a roundup of minimalist jewelry. Aliexpress has a huge selection (and lots of the items come in sets), so here is the second part. With prices so low it’s hard to not go crazy. It’s been a bit hard for me to control myself! I’ve even bought one set in gold and silver because why not?

I used to prefer bigger statement jewelry, but I love how easy these delicate pieces are to mix, match, layer and stack. I’m now finding that in some cases, smaller is better, and a little bit does go a long way.

6 Piece Ring Set


Price: $1.19

This little set gives you so many combination options! Wear on individual fingers or stacked up – the rings are so dainty it doesn’t look busy at all.

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Infinity Ring


Price: $0.30

Another item that’s great for layering and stacking. Also comes in black, which makes for an interesting pop when paired with only metallic rings (kind of like a contrast nail).

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5-Piece Ring Set


Price: $1.22

This set has rhinestones for when you’re feeling a bit more fancy.

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Arrow Bracelet


Price: $2.40

An arrow is just perfect for the open-ended design.

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Triangle Hand Chain


Price: $2.20

Delicate and very pretty. Also you never have to worry about losing your ring!

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Lariat-Style Necklace with Bars


Price: $1.99

Simple yet eye-catching. This is a piece that would look equally great with a t-shirt or an evening dress.

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Mountain Necklace


Price: $1.98

Whether you’re a fan of snow or not, you’ve got to admit that mountains have a certain beauty and greatness to them. Show off your appreciation with this necklace.

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Ring Pendant


Price: $1.29

An interesting new way to wear rings. And if you’re feeling a bit more conventional, you can try the rings on your fingers as well!

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