Lace Trim Shorts – REVIEW

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I honestly wasn’t expecting much of these lace trim shorts. I bought them for only $2.90 (the full price is $3.19) so I didn’t think the quality would be great. Still, I bought them because they were cute and if anything I could just use them as pajamas. At that price, who cares? I’ve wasted more money on gross food.

I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and were actually nice! The quality is good. They don’t look like a million bucks but they definitely look more expensive than they are. The satin is smooth and the lace is pretty, and the shorts look accurate to the picture. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them and for some reason it makes me so happy to know I only paid $2.90 for them.

They’re thin and light, but they’re opaque so you actually can wear them outside. When you do, be sure to wear them with a blouse – not a t-shirt. If it’s cool enough for another layer (jacket/cardigan), even better. Otherwise you will look like you left the house in your pajamas. And if the lingerie as outerwear look isn’t your thing, they’re also great to wear indoors.

TL;DR: Surprisingly nice for only a few bucks! Look accurate to picture and the quality is good.







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Jacket & sandals are also from Aliexpress.
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Photos by Jon Pernul