Jewelry Roundup – REVIEW

Here’s a quick roundup review of a bunch of jewelry that I bought from Aliexpress: a studded bracelet, screw bracelet, a druzy necklace, spiky necklace and various rings.

I’m really happy with most of the items. Some of the rings have tarnished a bit and the crystal ring has been a bit annoying but otherwise everything looks great and it’s all for under $10. In the video I say under $3, but unfortunately some of the prices have gone up. If you like something a bit more on the ‘expensive’ side you can always add it to your cart and wait for it to go on sale as I’m sure it eventually will.

★ Studded bracelet link: *
★ Screw bracelet link:
★ Crystal ring link:
★ Moon & star ring link:
★ Mini star ring link:
★ Double v ring link:
★ 3 piece ring set link: *
★ Druzy necklace link:
★ Spiky necklace link:
★ Earring backs link:

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Wearing the spiky necklace

Thanks for watching!