How To Find The Right Size On Aliexpress

You’ve found something really cute/cool on Aliexpress and you want to buy it. You think you know your size, because you’re always your size, so you select it and buy it. A few weeks later it arrives at your door, you try it on, and … the fit is totally off.


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to find the right size on Aliexpress, this article is for you.

How To Choose The Right Size On Aliexpress

Looking Glass Longline Moto Coat 01

I’ve had the above situation happen to me.

Usually I can get away with wearing the smallest size in any given item, so when I found this coat (similar here) I went ahead and just ordered the small. It ended up being a bit big, which wasn’t a dealbreaker because I could wear it oversize, but I realized I probably shouldn’t have just hit small and assume everything would be fine.

That being said, I’ve also received pieces that fit as if they were tailor made for me.

Looking Glass Shearling Bronze Skirt OTN Boots 10

Like these boots, that fit my legs like a glove.

Women's leather biker jacket aliexpress

Or this jacket. Photos of it on me are coming soon – but trust me, the fit is amazing!

Kirill has also had some issues finding clothes on Aliexpress because he’s slim and tall. Usually he’s a medium, but on Aliexpress he often has to buy larges or even extra-larges to make sure the items are long enough for him. But again, he also has some items that fit him really well.

Basically, you can find clothes that fit properly on Aliexpress, but there are a few things you should know before hitting the ‘Add To Cart’ button and potentially being disappointed.

Aliexpress is made up of bunch of different shops/sellers so there is no standard sizing. Also Asian clothing tends to be cut smaller than American or even European clothing. If you’re petite like me it’s great, but if you’re bigger you have to be more careful.

There are two simple steps:

1 – Find the sizing chart (it’s usually after all the product photos), and measure yourself.

If you’re a true Aliholic (or like online shopping in general), write down your measurements and keep them handy so you don’t have to take out the tape each time you want to buy something. The most common measurements you’ll need to know are your bust (girls)/chest (guys), waist, hips, arm length, back length, and inseam.

Hint: Measuring tape is your best friend.

Not sure how to take your measurements? For your bust/chest/hips, measure the circumference of your widest part. For your waist, measure the narrowest part. For arm length, measure from the shoulder to the wrist. For back length, measure from the nape of your neck to your tailbone. For inseam, measure from the top of your thigh to your ankle.

Some of these you can do alone (bust/chest, waist, hips) but for others you might want some help (arm length, back length, inseam).

2 – Read the reviews to find out the fit. The sizing chart should be accurate but it’s always good to hear what real people are saying. If there are enough reviews you’ll always find people saying if the item fits small, big, or true to size, and very often they will give their height/weight/regular clothing size. I try to do this when I leave reviews and encourage you to do the same.

Don’t forget to add feedback on AliExpress and write what size fit you – let’s help each other out.

This even applies to shoes. You can always measure the length of your foot, but it’s easier to browse the reviews and if you see that people are going up/down a size then you can do the same. You can also send your foot length in centimeters and ask the seller to help you pick the right size.

TL;DR: Measure first, buy later. Every Aliexpress product will have a sizing chart you can refer to. It’s also helpful to read the product reviews because you can almost always find people who write about the fit and provide their own size/measurements.