How I Saved a Ton of Money by Shopping for Clothes Online

All pictures in this article are of myself, showing what the clothes from AliExpress really are like.


Making the switch to online shopping can be scary, especially for women with all our curves and what not.

Sometimes it can take hours to find a pair of pants in a store. Then there’s the whole social aspect of shopping – going with friends, having a ‘treat yo-self’ day, that feeling you get walking out of a store, bags swinging in your hands…

But there’s something even more amazing about online shopping: being in the comfort of your bed with no pants on, not having to deal with people or carrying anything, and often saving a LOT of money.

I still shop at brick & mortar stores sometimes, but I now prefer online shopping.

In this post I’d like to share how I started shopping for clothes online.


How I Saved a Ton of Money by Shopping for Clothes Online.


Some of the things that I bought on AliExpress:

Leather jacket & lace trim shorts

Leather jacket: $38.98 – 39.98
Shop now:

Lace trim shorts: $3.19
Shop now:

Lace-up bodysuit

Lace-up bodysuit: $12.99
Shop now:

I was scared of online shopping at first.

I’m petite, so it can be hard for me to find clothes that fit. Before online shopping, I had my handful of stores that I knew worked for me, and was their loyal customer.

I read and heard about the convenience of online shopping but I was too nervous to buy something without trying it on first. What if it ended up being huge on me?

Then Kirill (my boyfriend) started getting into online shopping. He started out buying motorcycle gear and tech parts, but I was still intrigued. And I was a bit jealous of all the packages he was receiving in the mail.

When he started to buy clothes, I saw that they actually were pretty good for the price and fit him well (he’s tall so sometimes it can be hard for him to find clothes too). I decided to take a risk and try it out for myself.


Coin necklace: $3.55 – 4.89
Shop now:


Mirrored sunglasses – $13.61
Shop now:

I started out small: scarves, jewelry, a sports bra… Nothing over $10 so that if it ended up being crappy, it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

I was happy with my accessories purchases, so I branched out into clothing. I started with easy items like leggings and hoodies, stuff that you normally wouldn’t need to try on.

Star print bomber

Star print bomber – $11.99
Shop now:

Backpack: $26
Shop now:

With every new purchase, I became more confident and started loving online shopping more and more.

I found it as relaxing as binge-watching your favourite TV show at the end of a long day, and the prices are so much cheaper than in store! Did I mention you don’t have to go anywhere?

Soon I was buying things as serious as coats.


Blue suede jacket: $42.99
Shop now:

Long moto coat

Long moto coat: $45.89
Shop now:

Through trial and error, I learned how to be a good online shopper. To read the reviews, figure out my size, and maybe most importantly to be patient. Shipping times can be long but if you forget about the order, it becomes a pleasant surprise in 3-8 weeks.

I’ve been a frequent online shopper for 2 years now (since I placed my first order on Aliexpress), and I’ve had a pretty good track record.

Of all the things I’ve bought on Aliexpress, there have only been a couple I didn’t really like. There was a crop top with a bad fit (~$5), a crystal ring that kept on falling out of its casing ($2), and a hat (another terrible fit, but only $6).

I’ve had some meh items that unfortunately didn’t have a long shelf life: a pair of slip-ons that didn’t survive a music festival, jewelry that tarnished quickly (not that I expected much from such cheap jewelry), and a steamer that doesn’t distribute the steam evenly.

I’ve also received a lot of great items I was seriously impressed with and really love, that I’ve shared throughout this post.

Arctic Monkeys t-shirt & over the knee boots

Over the knee boots: $19.10 – 23.56
Shop now:

Block heel sandals

Block heel sandals: $11.69 – 12.99
Shop now:

They’re the items that look and feel good, that I get compliments on, that never cost me more than $40 (prices listed are full price – I got a lot of the items on sale). They’re the ones that turned me into an online shopper, and keep me coming back to Aliexpress.

Asymmetrical draped skirt

Draped skirt: $9.15
Shop now:

Lace-up sandals
Lace-up sandals: $14.93
Shop now:


What I want to tell to everyone is: Don’t be afraid of online shopping!

Most things that we buy at retail stores are usually sold with a HUGE markup, and getting them by skipping the middlemen can yield a LOT in $$$ savings.

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If you don’t feel comfortable buying something more expensive right away, a good idea is to start with something small – like jewelry or accessories.

Finding nice-looking items can be difficult, that’s why we created a Boutique section with the best hand-picked items.

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