Faux Leather Zipper Leggings – REVIEW

Shop now: http://ali.ski/04lLd2

These faux leather zipper leggings are pretty great for only $6.29. I’d recommend them if you’re wanting to try out this look but don’t want to spend a lot. The exact pair I bought aren’t available anymore but I found identical ones from another seller that has good reviews, which is in the purchase link above.

They’re accurate to the picture and the faux leather is decent quality, but it is a little thin so if you’re looking for something thicker or lined these aren’t the leggings for you. The shipping time wasn’t too long either, I believe they came within 3 weeks.

The fit is pretty good. If they were any smaller I might have been in trouble but I think leather leggings always look better when they’re tight. They’re a good length too. The ones I’m wearing are one size, but the other pair I found is sized XS-L. I’d assume these one size ones are equivalent to an XS, so even better for anyone who’s a bigger size.

The zippers are also fine quality, and they’re actually functional, in case you were wondering. The only downside that I would say is that you can see where they’re sewn in.

TL;DR – great leggings for the price. The quality and fit are pretty good, they look exactly as in the picture, and the shipping time isn’t too long.

Get yours here: http://ali.ski/04lLd2

PS – In the photos I’m also wearing a jacket (shop: http://ali.ski/Fse5wp) and ankle boots (shop: http://ali.ski/rfT2Ul) from Aliexpress that I will review shortly.