Faux Leather Biker Jacket – REVIEW


Shop now: http://ali.ski/7Q4l8p

This is hands down my favourite Aliexpress purchase. I’ve had it since the spring, and it still looks amazing. I wear it all the time (a few times a week), so the quality has really held up. It looks accurate to the original photo and, best of all, it fits me like a glove! I was seriously shocked that something that I bought online could fit so well when I first received it (mine is an XS).

The faux leather is really nice and soft. It hasn’t flaked out at all like some other inexpensive faux leathers tend to. I got it on sale for $30.94 (the full price is $34.68 – 37.68), so it was a really good deal. Seriously, if I didn’t love Aliexpress before, this jacket made it real.

I mentioned above that I wear it all the time, so below are a few outfits I’ve worn with it. It’s the type of jacket you can throw over anything. And it’s surprisingly versatile weather-wise. I started wearing it in February over sweaters and still wore it in the summer (on rainy days and evenings). I can pretty much wear it for 10 months of the year! If you live somewhere really cold you probably won’t be able to wear it for that long, but you could probably get away with wearing it for 5-6 months.

TL;DR: A seriously amazing jacket for the price. My best find on Aliexpress ever!





Get yours: http://ali.ski/7Q4l8p