What Fashion Items To Buy On The Aliexpress Anniversary Sale

To celebrate its 7th birthday, Aliexpress is treating us to an anniversary sale. If you’ve visited the site lately you probably noticed all the graphics and banners.

I’ve gone through the previews and chosen the best fashion items to buy on the Aliexpress anniversary sale, because Aliexpress sales, like the site itself, can be overwhelming. It can be hard to tell if the deal is truly a deal, so I’ve done some comparison shopping. I found pretty much identical items on cheap Chinese online store SheIn, and similar items at affordable high street stores (H&M, Forever 21, etc).

The outcome? Aliexpress clearly wins in affordability, and from my experience the quality is pretty much the same anywhere. So the anniversary sale is a good chance to save a few bucks on certain items, but be prepared for longer ship times. The stores probably get backed up with orders after big orders, because I noticed that all the items I bought between the 11.11 sale and the new year shipped noticeably slower than usual. That being said, it’s a good opportunity to shop ahead for the summer.

Here are my top picks:

Asymmetrical Striped Blouse

Sale price: $8.06
($14 on SheIn/at least $30 at H&M)

Shop now: http://ali.ski/Scp1M

Pleated Velvet Midi Skirt

Sale price: $14.59
($23 on SheIn, $60 at H&M)

Shop now:  http://ali.ski/qq2cTj

Leather Mini Backpack

Sale price: $12.79
($21 on SheIn, $50 at Topshop)

Shop now: http://ali.ski/YlyiT

Metallic Block Heel Sandals

Sale price: $15.14
($30 on SheIn, $50 at Forever 21)

Shop now: http://ali.ski/E3OqOc

Mirrored Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Sale price: $4.64
($10 on SheIn, $12.99 at H&M)

Shop now: http://ali.ski/GskgSf