Cozy Loungewear For Winter Days

There are two types of people during the winter: the outdoor adventurers and the indoor hibernators.

If you belong to the second group (like me), that means a lot of Netflix, hot chocolate/hot beverage of choice, and snacks. It also means getting cozy in loungewear and pyjamas. Which can get expensive – a pyjama set costs at least $50 at Victoria’s Secret, and a bathrobe averages at $60! And those cool animal onesies that Cara Delevingne wears? $80 at Urban Outfitters.

Put more money towards your snack fund and shop on Aliexpress. Below I’ve found some cozy loungewear for lazy winter days, whatever your lounging style is.


Cute Animal Bathrobe


Just because you’re a grown ass woman it does not mean you can’t have a cute animal face on your hood.

Available in rabbit, sheep, panda, cow, donkey, chipmunk & more.

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Silk & Lace Pyjamas

$7.55 – 8.12

If you still like to feel feminine and sexy, even on lazy days.

Available in 4 colours.

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Fuzzy Socks


Gotta keep those toes warm!

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Fitted Sweatpants

$26.50 – 28.84

2016 will be a memorable year for many reasons. Sweatpants officially becoming fashionable is one of them.

Also available in black.

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Oversize Hoodie

$12.28 – 12.68

What’s comfier than a giant hoodie?

Available in 10 colours.

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Unicorn Slippers


I have a pair and can personally confirm that they are even softer and fluffier than they seem.

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Oversize Sweater

$11.79 – 11.80

There’s a little elegance to chilling in a big sweater at home. It feels dressier than a hoodie, in any case.

Available in 6 colours

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Oversize Tee

$6.23 – 6.87

If you’re like me, you believe that it should be t-shirt weather indoors all year round.

Available in 16 colours

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$16.65 – 20.70

The ultimate comfort item – and all the cool kids are wearing them!

Available in lemur, dragon, giraffe, Pikachu & more.

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