Ankle Boots To Take You To Spring

Ankle boots have got to be the most versatile type of shoe. You can wear them pretty much all year round and with almost any outfit. They look equally good with a coat and jeans during fall  and winter as they do with a t-shirt and shorts in spring or summer, or a skirt/dress any time of year.

They’re dressier than sneakers and (usually) more comfortable than pumps. For all of these reasons, ankle boots are my favourite type of shoe. Seriously, if I had to only wear one type of shoe for the rest of my life it would without a doubt be an ankle boot.

Aliexpress has so many cute options and a lot of them are under $20! If you don’t have a pair yet, what are you waiting for?

Ankle Boots With Wooden Stacked Heel

Price: $13.13 – $15.13

Everyone should have a basic pair of ankle boots to wear with casual outfits.

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Ankle Boots With Zippers and Metallic Detail

Aliexpress Ankle Boots Zippers Metallic

Price: $15.77 – $18.81

Still simple, but the zipper and metallic strip at the top of the heel add a nice detail. It’s also nice to have the option of wearing them straight (& a bit taller for a mod feel) or folded.

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Leopard Print Ankle Boots

Also Available in Solids

Aliexpress Leopard Print Ankle Boots

Price: 16.79 – $19.87

A pair of printed boots will make simple outfits more interesting. Wear with an all black look or jeans & a t-shirt.

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Ankle Boots with Buckles

Aliexpress Ankle Boot With Buckle

Price: $17.24

Another pair that’s super easy to style.

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Ankle Boots With Chain

Aliexpress Ankle Boots With Chain

Price: $17.54 – $19.58

These biker style boots with a chain add an edgy, tomboyish feel. Great for contrasting with a more feminine look (florals, lace, etc).

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Ankle Boots With Chunky Platform Heel

Aliexpress Ankle Boot Chunky Platform Heel

Price: $17.55

If you’re not into chains, these are also great for adding edge.

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Suede/Croc Skin Two-Tone Ankle Boots

Aliexpress Suede Croc Skin Two Tone Ankle Boots

Price: $18

Perfect for adding colour and texture, and a bit of a retro touch.

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Ankle Boots With Studded Straps

Price: $22.39

A great rocker chic boot.

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Stiletto Ankle Boots

Aliexpress Stiletto Suede Ankle Boots

Price: $24.82 – $26.66

For a more sexy and feminine feel.

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