Welcome to Aliholic Fashion!

My name is Maria, and I seek out stylish and affordable clothing/accessories that are available on Aliexpress.

Me wearing a skirt from Aliexpress

Me, wearing a skirt from Aliexpress

I come from a fashion background – I studied fashion merchandising, have worked in the fashion sales industry for 5 years (in both retail and wholesale). After working in the wholesale industry, I’ve learned a lot about the actual cost of clothing and the way it’s priced in stores. I’ve always considered myself to be an economical shopper but when I discovered Aliexpress I was amazed at the prices.

Aliexpress allows you to buy clothing at cost and avoid huge retail markups. From my experience the quality generally is pretty decent for the price. However, the assortment is enormous and can be overwhelming and difficult to look at. That’s where I come in.

Aliholic Fashion is a place for anyone who believes you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. Happy shopping!

PS. I have a personal blog called Looking Glass, feel free to visit for style inspiration!