10 Accessories Under $5 To Beat The Winter Blues

January and February have a bad rep as being the most depressing months of the year. The holidays are over, the lights and decorations are gone to reveal gloomy skies, bare trees, and long nights.

It’s not all bad though. You can always count on (online) retail therapy, and you don’t even have to spend much! Aliexpress has plenty of accessories under $5 to beat the winter blues. Coming home to a treat in the mailbox is always a sure way to lift your mood.

Here are my top 10 picks below. They’re all pieces that you’ll be able to wear in the spring too, which will be here before we know it!


Triangular Quilted Bag


Brighten up your outfits with a pastel bag. Also available in black if you’re more of a monochrome person.

Shop now: http://ali.ski/owYsZF


Faux Croc Mini Backpack

$4.70 – 4.95

For those of you who prefer backpacks. Aren’t mini backpacks the cutest?

Available in 4 colours

Shop now: http://ali.ski/1_UlD


Chain Hairband


Make your ponytail look instantly cooler.

Shop now: http://ali.ski/e2DxeX


Mirrored Sunglasses


Says who you can’t buy sunglasses in the winter?

Available in 14 colours

Shop now: http://ali.ski/LMZJT


Lightweight Scarf


Nothing like a big cozy scarf to keep warm on cold winter days and chilly spring ones too.

Available in 15 colours

Shop now: http://ali.ski/XrLFPv


Suede Baseball Cap


Baseball caps are back again, and they’re actually nice now! When made in materials like suede, leather or wool they’re way more fashion girl than soccer dad. Plus, they’re a great alternative if you’re sick of beanies by now.

Available in 8 colours

Shop now: http://ali.ski/pcYMW


Glitter Socks


Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean you have to hide the glitter. Roll up your jeans and keep on shining.

Available in 6 colours


Leopard Keychain


Add some interest to your bag/backpack/keyring/whatever.

Shop now: http://ali.ski/FKtIq


Parisian Dot Tights

$1.29 – 1.34

Upgrade your plain black tights to these cute polka dot ones – promise you’ll look more stylish.

Available in 5 other prints

Shop now: http://ali.ski/5XyCt


Transparent Watch


This can finally be the year you kick the habit of checking your phone every 5 minutes to check the time!

Available in 3 colours

Shop now: http://ali.ski/FKtIq